ABC Services supports Chinese companies in their M&A activities in Europe. ABC Services focuses on finding the right European match for your company. Through the process, ABC Services distinguishes the most suitable firms to be offered to our Chinese clients.

ABC Services concentrates on small –and middle sized European companies with a high degree of international activities.

Our M&A Services:

  • Identify European companies with a high portion of international distribution and sales
  • Company value assessment
  • Financial analyses
  • Industry analyses
  • Value assessment of the transaction
  • Support negotiations
  • Bridge cultural and business gaps between Belgium/EU and Chinese firms
  • Due diligence
  • Low price Services

Advantages for the Chinese companies:
It is expected that in the coming years Chinese outward FDI and outbound M&A in Europe will increase significantly. Through the platform of ABC Services, Chinese companies have the opportunity to merge with or to buy a European company with a high degree of international activities. Consequently, Chinese firms get access to existing international distribution channels, acquire brand names, benefit from technological spillover and counter trade barriers.