Lin Kan (TBR)

"We are a company from China and our company has already been distributing products to Europe for 18 years. During the past 18 years, we've been mainly conducting business through agents in Europe, and in order to build a better and closer relationship with our clients, we needed to set up our own office in Europe so neither time difference no language barrier would any longer affect our business. For Chinese companies like us making its first move to Europe, we were definitely looking forward to having a professional company to help us set up such a structure. We were lucky enough to get to Antwerp, and the ABC. ABC has provided us with excellent one-stop service, solving all the problems for us in terms of working visa applications, company set-up, taxation and accountancy. We are very satisfied with their highly efficient and cost-effective services, which enabled me to have more time to communicate with my clients. ABC provides very good services in the company's daily operation and office management."